Board Development and Organisational Strategy
Oftentimes, charity sector organisations can find themselves in a position where they require additional input and an outside perspective to move forward successfully. My tailored strategic support and facilitated workshops provide the objective guidance and expertise needed to drive meaningful progress in your organisation.

Some of my other services

Through facilitation and workshops, I provide organisations with the opportunity to engage internal and external stakeholders, increase alignment and develop collaborative solutions in a productive, structured and trusted environment. 
My bespoke facilitation and workshops include: 

  • Board Development Days - full day workshop 

  • Vision, Mission and Values - full day workshop 

  • How to Create the Perfect Meeting – half day workshop

  • Presentations in a Thinking Environment – half day workshop

  • Behavioural Dynamics Masterclass – half day workshop using strengths profiling

  • Creating Impactful Business Presentations – half day workshop

  • Find Your WHY Masterclass – half day workshop

  • Building Your Organisation’s Strategy – one day or 2 half-day workshops

  • Business Meetings Facilitator – using Thinking Environment Principles

  • Communication Styles Workshop

  • Staff and Management Development Workshops

  • Difficult Conversations Workshop

You can’t deliver on your strategic plans if you aren’t crystal clear on what exactly you want to achieve, and in turn, what areas of your organisation you need to focus on to achieve those aims. Having spent many years working in charity sector organisations big and small to develop successful organisational strategies, I believe the most valuable strategy is a clear and concise one – This includes understanding and developing:

  • Your Organisation’s Purpose

  • Your Customers or Beneficiaries 

  • Your Finances 

  • Your Operations 

  • Your Resources 

  • Your Competition and Risks 

Organisations seek outside expertise to facilitate visioning and strategic planning in order to gain an objective perspective, align stakeholders, and develop an actionable roadmap to guide them successfully into the future.

  • Vision, Mission & Values Review and Workshops

  • Strategy & Business Plan reviews

  • Strategy on a Page Workshop

  • Balance Scorecard Strategic Objectives and KPI’s

  • Organisational Strategic Outcomes Frameworks

  • The 5 Bold Steps Workshop – Design a Better Business

  • Strategic Financial & Business Planning

With a comprehensive range of expertise spanning from organisational development to strategic planning, the following support services empower organisations to build robust systems and enhance their overall capacity.
Capacity Building and Systems Development for:

  • HR

  • Finance

  • Governance

  • Policy and Procedures

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Induction & Probation

  • Fundraising and Income Generation

  • Dissolution

  • Succession planning

  • Board Recruitment 

  • Organisational Restructuring 

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